May 04, 2006


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...While it’s popular to make Texas the butt of most jokes nowadays (no doubt for being the homeland of the first president of vocabularyness), it seems as if Kentucky might be a close second.
...Last year a Kentucky police department arrested a teenager after he wrote a story about his high school being overtaken by zombies. In that case, police detective Steven Caudill said that having zombies overtake your school is a felony. There was no word on what it would be called if common sense had overtaken Detective Caudill’s mind.
...It’s a year later, however, and schools in Kentucky have a new threat: Down and out women.
...Tericka Dye, a Kentucky high school science teacher and volleyball coach, learned this the hard way—no pun intended—when it was discovered that she starred in a porn flick 11 years ago. Told that her “presence in the classroom would cause a disruption to the educational process,” Dye was suspended from her job and informed that she would not be brought back next year.
...Dye was honest about doing the film when the news surfaced but explained that she regrets it “100 percent” and had no money at the time. She eventually got her act together, joined the Army, became a military police officer, and later entered college to become a teacher.
...The McCracken County School District wasn’t interested in hearing Dye’s explanation, and Superintendent Tim Heller said, “I fear there would be less than a serious approach to schooling by students who viewed the video or know about it.” Um…okay, Tim. How many students in your district are watching an obscure porno from 1995?
...That question might sound funny on the surface, but let’s think about this. Who found this video? The story from WAVE doesn’t mention who discovered this movie, but if Ms. Dye is such an evil person for having done it when she was in dire need of money 11 years ago, shouldn’t we expose the evil person who was watching the porno in question to notice her on the tape? They should be punished, too, shouldn’t they, Tim? If having sex on film is bad, wouldn’t McCracken County administrators think that watching it is even worse?
...If we don’t consider the viewer a criminal, in keeping with the train of thought of the administration in McCracken County, we should then consider him/her a hero at the very least. They exposed this horrible woman and should be given a medal of honor. So let us celebrate him/her; name please.
...In the end, Ms. Dye’s real crime is that she apparently forgot that this is America, where teachers aren’t allowed to have pasts where they’ve had sex with other adults on tape. Had she simply waited until after she became a teacher and then had sex with a 13-year-old student she would no doubt have been given more leniency.
...Just ask Debra Lafave.


Blogger Legally Insane said...

hahahahahaha.... that zombie thing is FUCKING FUNNY AS HELL!!! but i am rather disappointed in you that you have not provided your readership with a link to where that video can be viewed and downloaded... you know, so that i could, uh, partake in this important debate and discussion as a better informed person...

but you have provided me with a good idea: let's start a group called something like "CONCERNED CITIZENS AGAINST PORNOGRAPHY" where the entire purpose of our existence is to watch every single porno ever made so that we can expose the past lives of people holding offices of public trust.

it is a dirty job, but some one has to do it.


on a serious note, your post raises an important question about the pornography industry: who is to blame for the sexual exploitation of women?

she needed the money and she seemed to have been in dire straights. the entire sex industry (whether pornography or prostitution) takes advantage of such women who are vulnerable and easily exploited.

but the pornography industry (a multi-billion dollar enterprise) would lack that capacity to exploit women were it not for the fact that people watch and pay for pornography.

it is a vicious cycle but the true antagonists in this story may not be the teacher but those who partake in the pornography industry as consumers.

and to argue that she would be a less qualilfied teacher is ironic. who else would be better to advise our young children about the harms of a "quick fix" and to not do something as rash as star in a porno or work in a stripbar for some quick cash?

May 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome entry. I laugh at the hypocracy of some people. The Kentucky school board members for example!

May 06, 2006  
Blogger J.P. said...

The exploitation aspect of pornography has always bothered me, because on one hand it’s true that porn producers are offering large sums of money to women who are in dire need of it, but on the other hand women could have an impact on the industry if they resisted the temptation.

Then there’s the third hand (this is the hand that one grows if one lives next to a nuclear power plant) dealing with women who willingly and eagerly enter the porn industry. It might be because the money is good and they know how to have sex; it might be because they’re just trying to become famous and they don’t know of any other way to do it. Maybe they need the fame for self-esteem reasons, but no matter because they’re helping to keep a massive industry running.

DL, I like the point that you made about having a teacher who made an impulsive move and later regretted it. If anything we need more people in authority able to discuss how acting on impulse can be a damaging thing. The “live for the day” mentality sounds thrilling but isn’t going to do much for anyone unless they’re planning on killing themselves the next day.

Dana, thanks. I’m waiting to see if anyone launches a full-scale investigation into the background of the McCracken County School Board and the superintendent. Then again, maybe we don’t want to know what’s in their closets.

May 10, 2006  
Blogger Random Vixen said...

I really want to know who's watching old possibly bad porn? isnt that really what's up?

May 11, 2006  
Blogger mcgill said...

To further compound the problem she didn't come completely clean when word got out. She claimed to have done only one shoot that was chopped into several bits but her bio as "Rikki Andersin" has been on adult websites for years and together with some adult film databases indicate she's been in about two dozen movies including at least one in 1999 after her last stint in the Army.

She'd been trying to spin it that she joined the Army to straighten up her life (apparently not thinking the last movie would be discovered). She left out that she'd had an earlier enlistment as a psychological operations specialist before she went into porn.

Not exactly helping her credibility. Whatever the issue, she's tried to improve herself but education might've been a poor choice.

May 16, 2006  

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