March 21, 2006


The Student Body

...After having the charges against her dropped, teacher-turned-temptress Debra LaFave held a news conference in which she remarked that her face has been plastered on every Website across the Internet. I quickly realized that I had yet to plaster her face—or breasts or legs, for that matter—here, and didn’t want to let any of my loyal readers down.
...Actually it was because I haven’t posted in a few days and felt like publishing something.
...Now begins the waiting game to see what comes first: a Debra LaFave movie? A book deal? Another bikini calendar? A spread for Playboy? A manual for bipolar teachers with X-rated curves?
...I can’t help but think that in the next few years we’ll see more people use the bipolar defense in court cases.
Source: WTSP


Blogger Legally Insane said...

mmm, debra lafave... grrrrrrrrrrrr!

March 22, 2006  
Blogger amy said...

I think you're right about there being more bi-polar defenses in court cases. I do wonder however, if eventually we won't see other types of psychological disorders used in legal defense. I mean, are any of us truly psychologically "normal?"

"I'm sorry, your honor, but my addiction to gambling led to my speeding down I-95 so I could get to Mohegan Sun and waste my paycheck."

"I'm sorry, your honor, but my compulsive eating disorder made me shoplift those Twinkies."

Eventually, people will make the court system that they're no longer responsible for any behavior that may result in illegality.

March 27, 2006  

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