March 25, 2006


Stupidize Me...Again

Photo by Catherine Meredith

...Morgan Spurlock impressed simpletons en masse with his dimwitted documentary Super-size Me, in which he ate nothing but McDonald’s food for a month and gained weight. His followers somehow figured that the fast food giant had forced poor Spurlock to eat the crappy food by using slick advertising and sinister tactics such as asking him if he wanted a larger order (apparently he had no choice but to say “yes”). On Friday afternoon, Spurlock increased that fan base to include the childish—literally—while simultaneously succeeding in making an ass out of himself in front of those audience members who weren’t going through puberty anymore.
...Spurlock gave a speech at the Hatboro-Horsham High School auditorium and was supposedly going to discuss healthy eating, but the result was a profanity-laden rant in which he mocked ethnic groups, insinuated that teachers smoked marijuana in the school’s balcony, and at one point made fun of the special education students, calling them the “retarded kids in the back wearing helmets.” The special needs teachers then ushered the children out to prevent them from being the butt of any more of Spurlock’s jokes.
...After the tirade, the students gave Spurlock a standing ovation and sought his autograph. The adults in the crowd, however, weren’t as pleased with his arrested development and seventh-grade locker room vocabulary. The district’s superintendent said, “If you put the whole package together, the use of the F-word and poking fun at teachers and the comments about special needs students, it just wasn’t appropriate.”
...Spurlock defended his act by saying that the kids learned a lesson in free speech and responded to the possibility of the school district withholding payment by saying, “They can keep every penny.”
...There’s not much to say about this. I’d sooner let Spurlock’s juvenile actions speak for themselves; it’s obvious that they speak volumes. When your fan base consists of children and imbecilic adults, it puts the whole thing into perspective, doesn’t it?


Blogger Legally Insane said...

the biggest dumbasses in this story were the school officials and administrators. that they allowed him to finish the presentation, that they only talked to him after he had finished, that they failed to inquire as to the style and content of the presentation (spurlock said in the article that he had given the same presentation to other schools and colleges), the school officials and administrators should be held accountable. hell, they should lose their jobs.

it amazes me that the district superintendent--who one would imagine being an educated bloke--could only say that "the whole package was inappropriate." that he failed to comment more strongly and persuasively is astounding.

the smartest dumbasses in this whole incident happened to be the special ed teachers who at least had the good sense to remove their students from the audience.

if there were any smarter dumbasses in that school, they would have take a page from principal skinner on the simpsons who would have pulled the fire alarm in such a case.

dumbasses as everywhere. soon enough, we will change our name to the united states of dumb asses. the sad thing about a nation of dumb ASSES is that there is SHIT everywhere. careful where you step...

March 25, 2006  
Blogger J.P. said...

That’s an excellent point. The only thing that I can figure is that they were naïve and for some reason thought that Spurlock had turned into a serious motivational speaker in addition to his status as a pop culture icon.

I won’t get too specific, but let’s just say that I’m not surprised to see administrators make decisions like this.

March 26, 2006  
Blogger Ms. B said...

I agree with DL. If I were the principal of that school, I would have ended that assembly as soon as the first "inappropriate" comment was uttered. The special ed teachers were ABSOLUTELY right to take their students out of that's just a shame that people seemed to think it was ok for the rest of the student body to hear it.

March 26, 2006  
Blogger Kristen said...

I'm with DL that the school was screwed up in letting the guy continue to speak. It wasn't a speaker in front of a group of college kids. These were children. Who probably have enough encouragement to form prejudices on their own and don't need any encouragement or new ideas for derogatory comments to say to one another from an adult.

The lawyer in me kind of thinks that someone should sue the school. Or have someone fired. The kids did give a standing ovation to a racist/bigot.

March 27, 2006  
Blogger amy said...

I'm also in agreement with DL. This is incredibly assinine behavior for a guest speaker. There was recently a former military officer who spoke at a public school in the county where I work and apparently picked on the only African-American girl in the audience as well as dropping a few F-bombs. And yeah, they let her continue speaking too, which was just idiotic.

My question though, is why aren't stories like this making more headlines? How is it this type of behavior gets tolerated so much?

March 27, 2006  
Blogger Random Vixen said...

While i can't beleive they didn't grab his ass and take him off the stage, what the hell was his point?

You know what though the more I think about it, School adminstrators have been sued for far less and maybe they thought forcibly making him leave would get them sued?

March 27, 2006  
Blogger amy said...

So now I read in the Washington Post that he apologized.

March 28, 2006  
Blogger J.P. said...

I saw that. Can we get an apology from the administration, too?

March 28, 2006  
Blogger amy said...

Not bloody likely.

March 29, 2006  
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