April 21, 2006


Bosom Buddies

You mean that he’s not really doing free door-to-door breast exams? No way!
...I’m not going to even bother paraphrasing this story because you have to read it verbatim to realize how completely stupid some people can be. Be sure to watch the accompanying video with Keith Olbermann, who added a few more interesting bits of information that weren’t covered in the text, such as the fact that the one victim thought that free door-to-door breast exams were normal, but a red flag didn’t go up until the dirty old man didn’t bother to don latex gloves to do the free breast exam as she was lying naked in her bed.
...As if it really needs to be said, the women in this story who thought that a little old man offering free door-to-door breast examinations might be legitimate, I have but two things to offer: 1.) You may very well be the dumbest people that America has to offer, and 2.) You have nothing to complain about; the dirty old man offered to give you a free breast exam, and you said yes. He gave you what you wanted.
...Now go smoke a cigarette and bask in the afterglow.


Blogger Legally Insane said...

did you see a picture of that man? weird...

anyway, this really doesn't surprise me. there was an incident when i was in college where a man was busted for putting ads in the paper asking for female volunteers for a sex study.

he would go to a woman's home and watch them masterbate. and women were volunteering. it was a while before someone caught on that he wasn't really affiliated with any school or research program.

people are just funny that way.

April 21, 2006  
Blogger amy said...

Olberman is right about one thing, dumb stuff like this always seems to happen in Florida. Is it all the sunshine? Is it the massive amount of retirees with disposable income? Is it the idiot rednecks in the Panhandle that seep down into the rest of the State? What makes Florida ... Florida when it comes to the stupidiest, scariest, most tragic situations in the country?

Oh, and I love how Olberman delivers stories like this. *sniff* Makes me proud to be a (sarcastic) AMerican.

April 23, 2006  
Blogger Kristen said...

Florida, Florida, Florida. Are we really even surprised anymore?

April 29, 2006  

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