February 23, 2006


I'm Not Sorry

...I’ve been a blogger for the last year and a half. This is actually my third blog in that time period, and for the most part all three were the same thing: current events that are drenched with absurdity where the main character is stupidity defined. Along the way I grew out of each blog: the first because I grew concerned for my personal safety; the second because I found myself with less time to post on a regular basis and simultaneously read the blogs of those who read mine; and now this one because I keep feeling as if I’m talking to a brick wall.
...Well, no. Strike that last remark. My girlfriend reads my whacky opinions. You rule!
...This post was originally going to be about the FBI and the British Special Branch interrogating the English crooner Morrissey, apparently for reasons that are unknown to both me and him. Morrissey, the former Smiths vocalist, said that he wasn’t sure why the authorities were questioning him, but openly admits to disliking both George W. Bush and the Iraqi War.
...At first, I was going to rant about how it seems as though “FBI” now stands for “Federal Bureau of Intimidation” and that we’re living in scary times when we have to fear being hauled into dimly-lit smoke-filled rooms where G-men wearing institutional-grade business suits ask us all kinds of questions because we’re supposedly a threat to national security.
...Then I read the comments on the Morrissey story. Quickly I realized that my opinion was the minority of the minority. Only one other reader thought that this situation was one about which we should worry, and most of the comments suggested that Morrissey should stop complaining about the investigation.
...So, since it’s become obvious that my kook ideas on liberty and civil rights aren’t welcome in 21st century United States culture, I can’t help but feel that I’m wasting my time writing all these silly thoughts.


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