January 23, 2006


Two More Reasons to be a Misanthrope

...Every so often I find it important to defend my position as a self-proclaimed “reformed humanitarian.” All too often we find ourselves reading news articles about people who have no right whatsoever to call themselves a part of the human race—well, in my opinion, anyway.
...Here are but two more examples of our society’s bottom-of-the-barrel.
Disgrace to the Race #1
...If you haven’t heard the story by now, 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown was allegedly molested and beaten to death by her stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, who has pleaded not guilty in the case. What is truly scary is what seems to be the reasons why Rodriguez—as well as Nixzmary’s mother—has decided to plead not guilty in the little girl’s death. Rodriguez places the blame on the little girl and claims that the beatings—perpetrated using belts, pieces of wood, and bungee cords—were for her own good.
...Here is a quote by Rodriguez from a jailhouse interview:
“I would hold her up to the mirror and make her look at herself and I would say, ‘Do you really want to live like this? Look at yourself. Talk to yourself. How do you feel about yourself?”
...Police report that Rodriguez forced the little girl to strip and beat her while her mother watched after Rodriguez discovered that Nixzmary had eaten yogurt without permission (probably because she was hungry). He also allegedly dragged the child to the bathroom, held her head under cold water, and concluded the torture session by tossing her body to the floor like a rag doll.
...New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services failed miserably in the case, as they closed Nixzmary’s file even after being notified of possible abuse of the little girl as well as multiple school absences.
...There’s no doubt that some insane group of people from some segment of our population will come to Rodriguez’s defense and attempt to somehow justify his actions (e.g., he was mentally ill, he had a bad childhood, he was poor and his state of poverty caused this, etc.). If they happen to fail in their attempts to defend a monster like this, and Rodriguez is, indeed, sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, I hope that prison guards find a way to make him a cellmate with a fellow prisoner who happens to have a bad attitude and a very large dick.
...Hide the lubricant and make sure that he gets rectal damage that would make a proctologist cringe.
Disgrace to the Race #2
...Most of my family and close friends know that I like animals more than people, so this following story helped to keep my blood at a steady temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.
...Kenneth S. Williams III, from Slatedale, Pennsylvania, admitted to friends that he imprisoned his neighbor’s cat in a small cage, drowned the feline, and concluded by hanging it from a tree in a nearby park. According to police, one of Williams’ friends said that the cat had been in the cage on Williams’ front porch.
...The cat’s owner, Amy Henry, searched for two weeks for her pet, named Cat-Cat, which had become her daughter’s constant companion. Cat-Cat was a house cat that never ran from home, and his sudden disappearance caused alarm. Henry’s daughter is said to be heartbroken over the turn of events.
...There are militant animal-rights groups around the country such as the Animal Liberation Front that might feel the need to seek some kind of justice against scum like Kenneth S. Williams III. That being the case, I figured that anyone from the ALF (or any other vigilantes who like animals as much as me) might be interested in knowing that The Morning Call, in its print version of this story, listed Williams’ address as 3924 East Grant Street, Slatedale, Pennsylvania. (I would have listed his phone number, but it seems to be unlisted—probably because of too many bill collectors or unpaid meth dealers calling.)
...Remember: I’m not endorsing any kind of violence against Williams, but let’s just say that if anything should happen to him (like caging him, drowning him, and hanging him from a tree), I would simply say, “Good riddance. It’s one less mouth to feed.”


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