January 19, 2006


Google This

...Google is scoffing at a subpoena ordered by the Bush Administration to obtain records over searches that have been done on their search engine. Such a move might open the floodgates for government agencies to discover who was looking for what—even legally—and Google officials said that giving-in to the subpoena “would suggest that it is willing to reveal information about those who use its service.”
...The subpoena was issued by the Department of Justice under the guise of an Internet child pornography law which is not only unrelated to Google, but was struck down by the Supreme Court.
...Since my IP address is probably being red-flagged by the Department of Justice just for linking this story, I figure that I’ll add this piece of information about which some people might not have heard: If you Google the word “failure,” the first hit to come up is George W. Bush’s biography. (Ironically, Michael Moore’s Website is in second-place.)


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