January 15, 2006



...Family and friends of 15-year-old Christopher Penley arranged a candlelight vigil today to remember him. Penley is dead after being shot by police when he pointed a gun at them following an altercation inside the middle school which he attended. The boy, whom friends call a “good kid,” pointed a firearm at police officers when he was cornered in a school bathroom following a scuffle in a classroom with the gun. Critics quickly lambasted the police when it was discovered that the gun in question was a pellet gun that resembled a 9mm pistol.
...As we all know, when police have a perpetrator pointing a gun at them they’re supposed to politely inquire, “Pardon us, young man, will you be shooting us today with a real gun, pellet gun, or simply bluffing with a toy gun? If you are kind enough to use a toy gun, we won’t fire upon you. If you are using a pellet gun, we shall prepare for a mild sting and then rush you. If you are using a real gun, capable of death or serious injury, we will be required to fire upon you in such a fashion that your life might be taken.”
...Damn those mean cops for not taking the time to ask. How many good kids must die before political correctness trumps self-defense?


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